Distance Delta Orientation Course (DDOC)

Prepare for the Distance Delta

What is Distance Delta Orientation Course?

The Distance Delta is a unique partnership between the British Council and International House London which offers a flexible alternative to face-to-face courses, including observed teaching practice, online tutoring, and local mentoring which can easily be combined with a teaching job.

The Distance Delta Orientation Course (DDOC) is designed to help familiarise you with the academic requirements and administrative elements of your distance course. The course forms part of the Distance Delta Module 2 and the Distance Delta Integrated Programme.

DDOC is for those who:

  • have been accepted onto a distance Delta module or the integrated programme
  • are about to start the distance Delta
  • would like to elevate your career to the next level and apply for more senior roles
  • wish to extend knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching and critically examine current beliefs and practices as a teacher
  • would like to gain valuable skills for career progression
  • would like a teaching certificate that is accepted globally

Entry requirements:

  • acceptance onto a distance Delta course. Please see the entry requirements for Delta here
  • successful application via www.distancedelta.com

Course delivery:

  • 2 week full-time programme (50 hours) which aims to help familiarise you with the academic standards and administrative aspects of the Distance Delta
  • groups of up to 10 trainees per class
  • led by 1 or 2 orientation course tutors (1 tutor per 5 trainees)

Course content:

  • an introduction to the main themes and approaches to be followed during the distance component
  • a sound grounding in the skills of analysing, planning and reflecting objectively on your own teaching
  • guidance in identifying principles and beliefs underlying your current practice and to set professional development targets for the rest of the course
  • Unit 1 of the programme, including work on your first Module 2 Assignment, is completed during the Orientation Course.
  • the Cambridge requirement for 10 hours of peer observation is also met on the course
  • face-to-face input sessions, demonstrating how to use the Distance Delta online learning environment
  • teaching practice observation
  • feedback and support

As a distance learner, it is important that you make contact with others who are following the same programme so that you can share your ideas, experience and opinions.

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