Develop your teaching career

What is Delta?

Delta, or Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages, is an advanced English language teaching course that enables you to build better teaching practice and further your career opportunities across the world. It is internationally recognised as a high-quality advanced TEFL/TESOL qualification, and is a popular and flexible choice for candidates wishing to enhance their existing teaching career.

Delta is for those who:

  • would like to elevate a teaching career to the next level and apply for more senior roles
  • want to increase knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching, and critically examine current beliefs and practices as a teacher
  • are looking to gain valuable skills for career progression
  • would like a a certificate that is accepted globally

Entry requirements:

  • educated to degree level
  • hold an initial English language teaching qualification (or demonstrate relevant teaching experience)
  • at least two years’ full-time experience (1,200 hours) of teaching English to adults within the past five years
  • experience with a range of different teaching contexts or teaching adults at different levels
  • an appropriate awareness of language and language competence in English
  • available to get involved with English language teaching on a regular basis, teaching at least five students, for formal assessment purposes

Course delivery and assessment:

  • 14 weeks of face-to-face evening classes from April-May and September-October
  • Lesson observations take place during the summer, with remote support from tutors

See below for specific module assessments.

Course content and structure:

Manchester Academy of English offers an integrated course for all three modules of the Delta course. Candidates on the integrated course may take Module 2 and 3 only, or Module 2 only (not only Module 1).

  • Module 1: understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching.

Assessment format: written examination in two parts (1.5 hours each, externally-marked).

  • Module 2: developing professional practice

Assessment format: Module 2 is assessed via a portfolio of coursework, including background essays, observed lessons, and a professional development assignment. One assignment, which includes a background essay, an observed lesson and a lesson evaluation, is externally assessed.

  • Module 3: extending practice and ELT specialism (e.g. English for special purposes, teaching one-to-one)

Assessment format: Assessed by means of a 4000 – 4500 word Extended Assignment in which candidates carry out an independent investigation leading to the design of a course programme related to their chosen specialist area.

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After a few years teaching and doing summer schools I thought it was time to start training towards a Delta qualification. I was to say the least apprehensive after hearing stories from colleagues throughout my career of the amount of work involved and the infamous difficulty level of the course. On undertaking the course, I was immediately reassured and pleasantly surprised as the input sessions were hugely informative, not only the theoretical side but also in always providing practical pedagogical implications of the underpinning methodologies which allowed me to introduce things I had learned into my teaching right from the off. The course tutor at Manchester Academy was fantastic in directing me towards resources, being available through email, and providing support throughout the entire duration of the course. That’s not to say it was easy, I can safely say the Delta is the most challenging thing I have ever done, but it has also been the most rewarding. Many opportunities in a diverse range of areas have now opened up for me including designing materials, syllabus design, opportunities for teacher training but most importantly it has provided me with a much wider degree of confidence, knowledge and expertise to a multitude of creative and innovative teaching within the classroom and that has been invaluable.

Aneirin, Manchester Academy of English

After completing my CELTA qualification in 2005 at Manchester Academy I developed the awareness, understanding and skills to work with a wide range of learners. It was following this, while working at the school, that I gained a wealth of experience teaching younger learners and multinational classes of adult learners. The natural course of progression was to go for the Delta qualification and although I knew that the hours would be long and the course very intense, I received tremendous support and constructive feedback from my tutors at Manchester Academy, just as I did with my CELTA course. They were encouraging throughout, were available to answer questions and recommended appropriate materials and resources to ensure that I performed to the best of my ability. The course helped me to develop as a teacher not only by gaining insight into my own practice, but also by challenging my beliefs about language learning and leading me to question my own established methodologies and practices. The experimental practice assignment was one that I particularly enjoyed. It took me outside my comfort zone and enabled me to adapt and introduce more inventive techniques into my teaching practices. Reflecting on my practice, both pedagogically and theoretically, soon became an enjoyable part of the course and as a result I became a more responsive and reactive teacher. The Delta qualification is beneficial as it can open up avenues to so many different areas such as material design, writing articles for journals, hosting external CPD sessions, syllabus design, teacher training opportunities and academic management. I am now working as an assistant academic manager at Manchester Academy, and the confidence and insight I gained from the course was significant to my professional development. Although it was hard work, the Delta course was undoubtedly the most worthwhile and fulfilling part of my teaching career.

Tamara, Manchester Academy of English